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What is HonorPay?

HonorPay is an open awards system based around a virtual currency called an 'Honor'.

An Honor is a simple token of appreciation that you can award to anyone, for any reason. It has no intrinsic value, and can only be used once.

It is an expression of gratitude and appreciation whose purpose is solely to inspire, spread positivity, build trust and reputations beyond conventional means of reward.

Why Honor someone?

Because appreciation matters.

In fact, once basic survival needs are met, appreciation is the de facto currency of our species.

To appreciate someone and to feel appreciated is what motivates us the most. Usually we demonstrate our appreciation through a gift or payment, but this is not always easy or appropriate. HonorPay seeks to encapsulate this "currency of appreciation" and make it free for all to use in a public, meaningful way.

How does it work?

Every user has a unique HonorPay profile which they use to award to and receive Honors from other users. In order to give value to the awards, there are some basic limitations to how you use them:

  • You can only award 1 Honor per week
  • Honors received can't be traded, deleted or awarded to anyone else
  • You can't Honor the same person twice in succession
  • You can't Honor yourself

Every Sunday at 0:00 GMT, a new Honor is created and added to every user account to award to anyone they wish. Honors not awarded within seven days are deleted.

Who can use HonorPay?

Anyone with a computer or smart phone. It's completely free to use, free of ads, and we don't use or reveal your personal data to anyone.

We set up this site to help improve lives and create a better world. You can support us with a financial donation here if you wish.

How do I Honor someone?

Start by creating your HonorPay profile, then, once you have activated your account, you can award your first Honor straight away. Search the name of the person you wish to Honor in the search bar, along with any other information you might know about them:

eg. “Steve Taylor, Fire Officer, California”
(The more information you give the more accurate the result.)

Once you find the person you want to Honor, click on their name and the award page will open. You then have the option to include a short message with your Honor. Click 'Honor' and you're done.

The person you Honored will then receive a notification of the Honor and your message, which will be added to their Honor record. (Remember you can only award one Honor per week, so choose wisely!)

What is a 'Ghost Profile'?

A ghost profile is a profile anyone can create to Honor another person. Once created, any user can Honor that person in the normal way, until claimed by its rightful owner.

Here's how it works:

  1. Search first for the person you wish to Honor
  2. If you can't find them, click 'Create Ghost Profile' below the search results
  3. Add a picture and whatever information you know about the person.*
    (Anything you are unsure about, you can just leave blank)
  4. Read and accept the terms of 'Creating a Ghost Profile'
  5. Click 'Create'
  6. Honor the person in the normal way

( You can also create an In Memoriam profile for persons no longer living)

* If you know the person's email address, enter it so they can receive notifications of Honors. Any email you enter will be invisible to other users.

Improving a Ghost Profile

Anyone can edit or improve an existing ghost profile. Once you are logged in, just click 'edit this profile' on the relevant profile page. Add or amend the existing information, then click 'Save changes'.

NB. To protect user privacy, ghost email addresses are hidden.

Claiming a Ghost Profile

If someone added a profile for you, you can claim it in one of two ways:

  • Click the link in your notification email. If someone added an email address to your profile you will find a unique link to claim your profile with every Honor email notification you received.

  • If you didn't get an email, but saw that someone created a profile for you, you need to take the following steps:

    ► Create a new HonorPay account
    ► Log in and go to the profile you wish to claim
    ► Click 'claim this profile' at the bottom left of the page
    ► Complete and send the claim form.

    (NB. Please allow 2-3 days for us to process your claim request. Successful claims will merge the ghost account and Honor record with the claimant's existing account)

Have fun!

If you have any questions, or feel someone is misusing our service, then we are here to help. Contact one of the admins at hello@honorpay.org and we'll be delighted to help you with your query.

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