Jo Leath
Jo Leath
Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Numerologist, card reader, housesitter, writer, copy-writer, labyrinth facilitator, coach, workshop facilitator,
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Bliss is where the soul abides.
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Honors Received
Parmjit Nahil ⊙1
[P7.2019.18] 07/05/2019
Hi Jo. You are my first Honor Pay. I think someone who appreciates so many others deserves appreciation. Also it's interesting to find out about these people. Thanks for your contribution.
Honors Awarded
Zozibini Tunzi (Miss Universe 2019) ⊙1
[P7.2019.49] 09/12/2019
"Nothing is more important than taking up space in the society" is such a true and refreshing reminder. Thank you, Zozibini Tunzi.
Shneel Malik ⊙1
[P7.2019.48] 01/12/2019
Honouring this innovative thinking and inventive system. Shneel Malik is creating change that will have a positive impact for generations.
Kanahus Manuel (Secwepemc land defender) ⊙2
[P7.2019.47] 24/11/2019
For speaking out and standing up for what is correct.
Marie Yovanovitch (Masha) ⊙1
[P7.2019.46] 17/11/2019
Georgia O’Keeffe's 1986 obituary in the New York Times included a phrase that may well be applied to Marie Yovanovitch: sh is a woman who “raised the awareness of the American public to the fact that a woman could be the equal of any man in her chosen field.”
Denise ScottBrown ⊙1
[P7.2019.45] 10/11/2019
Honoured for overcoming barriers to her own participation in life. Denise Scott Brown opened the way for women in architecture every after.
Autumn Peltier (Water Warrior) ⊙1
[P7.2019.44] 03/11/2019
I feel that there is hope for the future because of young people like Autumn Peltier.
Mansurah Abdulazeez ⊙1
[P7.2019.43] 27/10/2019
Esther Duflo ⊙1
[P7.2019.42] 20/10/2019
Mariana Mazzucato ⊙1
[P7.2019.41] 13/10/2019
Leading the way by ignoring the box that economists have allowed to limit their thinking.
Shirley Ann Jackson ⊙1
[P7.2019.40] 11/10/2019
Shuping Wang (Sunshine Christensen) ⊙1
[P7.2019.39] 29/09/2019
For a life that changed the world through caring and taking action. Thank you.
Blanche Lemco van Ginkel ⊙1
[P7.2019.38] 22/09/2019
The world would look very different today if not for the life and work of Blanche Lemco van Ginkel. I am so grateful for her influence.
Phyllis Lambert ⊙1
[P7.2019.37] 15/09/2019
I was honoured to share space with Ms Lambert this week. Her story, and that of three other Canadian architects as told in the film City Dreamers, is inspiring. I have visited Old Montreal, and was never aware that it was so nearly lost to history. I am so grateful that Phyllis Lambert insisted on the conservation effort. Thank you.
Teara Fraser ⊙1
[P7.2019.36] 10/09/2019
I think “Dream it, Design it, Do it. #ItsTime.” is a catchphrase worthy of widespread application! Thank you for your many contributions to the world and to the future.
Gita Gopinath ⊙1
[P7.2019.35] 01/09/2019
Cecilia Payne (Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposchkin ) ⊙1
[P7.2019.34] 27/08/2019
I am so glad that Cecelia Payne is being made visible. Her work matters, her life matters.
Margaret Hamilton ⊙1
[P7.2019.33] 18/08/2019
Su Metcalfe ⊙1
[P7.2019.32] 11/08/2019
Hadiyah-Nicole Green ⊙1
[P7.2019.31] 04/08/2019
Ilhan Omar (Representative) ⊙3
[P7.2019.29] 21/07/2019
Dr. Katie Bouman ⊙3
[P7.2019.28] 14/07/2019
Marie Curie ⊙3
[P7.2019.27] 09/07/2019
Bernie Sanders ⊙25
[P7.2019.26] 30/06/2019
Rosa Parks ⊙5
[P7.2019.24] 16/06/2019
Sherri Mason (Dr. Sherri Mason) ⊙1
[P7.2019.22] 02/06/2019
Jiddu Krishnamurti ⊙4
[P7.2019.21] 26/05/2019
Judy Rebick ⊙1
[P7.2019.20] 19/05/2019
May 2019. Now, more than ever, we need leaders like Judy Rebick.
Parmjit Nahil ⊙1
[P7.2019.19] 12/05/2019
Welcome to the HonorPay system, Parmjit Nahil. Thank you for using this as a platform for learning and exploration.
Dr. Katie Bouman ⊙3
[P7.2019.18] 05/05/2019
Elizabeth Warren ⊙1
[P7.2019.17] 28/04/2019
Greta Thunberg ⊙14
[P7.2019.16] 21/04/2019
Dr. Katie Bouman ⊙3
[P7.2019.15] 14/04/2019
for inspiring the scientists of the future. Thank you.
Harriet Tubman ⊙7
[P7.2019.14] 08/04/2019
Sarah Brown (Sarah Jane Brown) ⊙1
[P7.2019.13] 31/03/2019
Tiera Fletcher ⊙1
[P7.2019.12] 25/03/2019
Jacinda Ardern ⊙4
[P7.2019.11] 17/03/2019
For leadership and dignity in a time of turmoil. Thank you
Gladys Mae West (neé Brown) ⊙1
[P7.2019.09] 03/03/2019
I have been inspired by the individuals like Gladys Mae, about whom I knew nothing until I learnt form the movie about Hidden Figures, and read articles like the one at:
Daphne Oram ⊙2
[P7.2019.08] 24/02/2019
Safaa Fouda (Dr. Safaa Fouda) ⊙1
[P7.2019.06] 10/02/2019
Yalitza Aparicio ⊙2
[P7.2019.05] 03/02/2019
For inspiring countless people to follow their dreams.
Shohini Ghose ⊙1
[P7.2019.03] 22/01/2019
Terera Trent (Dr. Tererai Trent) ⊙1
[P7.2019.01] 07/01/2019
for setting an inspiring example, and reminding us that no obstacle can stop progress
Abeer Seikaly (@AbeerSeikaly) ⊙5
[P7.2018.52] 30/12/2018
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) ⊙1
[P7.2018.51] 26/12/2018
Her work for equal rights has had an impact not only in her own country, but all over the world.
Sally Fox ⊙1
[P7.2018.50] 16/12/2018
For modelling alternative ways of being, for finding a path outside industrialization and keeping safe the natural realm. Thank you!
Laurie Cooper ⊙1
[P7.2018.48] 04/12/2018
Nadia Murad ⊙1
[P7.2018.47] 26/11/2018
This is the face of courage
Theresa Kachindamoto (Senior Chief) ⊙1
[P7.2018.45] 11/11/2018
This is how the future of the world is changed for the better.
Eva Mozes Kor (the woman who forgives) ⊙1
[P7.2018.43] 30/10/2018
Forgiveness is powerful and liberating. The example set by Eva Moses Kor is profound beyond measure.
Frances Arnold ⊙1
[P7.2018.42] 23/10/2018
Honouring for the inspiration she offers to young scientists everywhere
Valarie Kaur ⊙4
[P7.2018.41] 14/10/2018
Donna Strickland (Dr. Donna Strickland ) ⊙1
[P7.2018.40] 07/10/2018
For massive inspiration to youth considering a career in STEM
Jan Harder ⊙1
[P7.2018.39] 30/09/2018
Freda Kelly (Good Ol' Freda) ⊙1
[P7.2018.38] 23/09/2018
A woman with so much integrity, I aspire to be like Freda.
Valarie Kaur ⊙4
[P7.2018.37] 16/09/2018
The Revolutionary Love Project, and the concept of Love as Revolution is how we will shape our future and change the world. Love and loving cannot be imposed from outside or above. Love is from within, and each of us has to make the choice to love. Valarie Kaur is an inspiration in this work.
Sayadaw Ottamasara ⊙4
[P7.2018.35] 02/09/2018
Shana Hedges ⊙1
[P7.2018.34] 26/08/2018
For not allowing circumstances to change her chosen path.
Sally Ride (Sally Kristen Ride) ⊙1
[P7.2018.32] 12/08/2018
Honoured for her inspiration
Chaicheun Bua ⊙1
[P7.2018.28] 15/07/2018
I honour Bua Chaicheun for her understanding of priorities and the value of human life.
Jacinda Ardern ⊙4
[P7.2018.27] 10/07/2018
Setting an example for women, for politicians, and for people everywhere.
Maria Campbell ⊙1
[P7.2018.20] 23/05/2018
Congratulations on the Champions for Vulnerable Communities award for your lifetime achievements this Spring (2018).
Alyson Gaffney ⊙1
[P7.2018.18] 06/05/2018
Quarraisha Abdool Karim ⊙1
[P7.2018.17] 30/04/2018
Steen Starr ([Christina]) ⊙1
[P7.2018.16] 22/04/2018
Older Than What is a film everyone should see. Thank you for this peek into history.
Kathleen Cummings ⊙1
[P7.2018.15] 15/04/2018
Kathleen is an inspirational figure. Her story is remarkable,and the way she has built on her history is enviable.
Vandana Shiva ⊙7
[P7.2018.13] 03/04/2018
Emma Gonzalez (#MarchForOurLives) ⊙1
[P7.2018.12] 25/03/2018
For revealing the power of silence as a deafeningly loud protest
Negar Rostamzadeh ⊙1
[P7.2018.11] 18/03/2018
Melissa Haney ⊙1
[P7.2018.10] 11/03/2018
Gurinder Chadha ⊙1
[P7.2018.09] 04/03/2018
Hannah Hauxwell ⊙2
[P7.2018.08] 26/02/2018
An unlikely celebrity, she is a reminder that there are many options outside the mainstream
Jennifer Longley ⊙1
[P7.2018.06] 11/02/2018
As Friends in Bereavement celebrates a quarter century of service to the people of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. I wanted to say how grateful I am that Jennifer touched my life at a time when I needed her profoundly. She changed my future, and no doubt I was only one of many. Thank you Jennifer.
Oprah Winfrey ⊙3
[P7.2018.05] 04/02/2018
Soyeon Yi (Yi Soyeon ) ⊙1
[P7.2018.01] 10/01/2018
Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski ⊙1
[P7.2017.50] 13/12/2017
Inspiration personified!
Ruth Coker Burks (The Cemetery Angel) ⊙3
[P7.2017.49] 03/12/2017
Honoured for inspiration to compassion and human caring.
Fawzia Mirza ⊙1
[P7.2017.46] 12/11/2017
Fawzia Mirza was an important and inspirational voice at the Rainbow Youth Forum this week.
Jill Tarter (American astronomer) ⊙1
[P7.2017.43] 23/10/2017
Ilhan Omar (Representative) ⊙3
[P7.2017.42] 15/10/2017
Hodan Nalayeh (Somali: Hodan Naalaye; Arabic: هودان نالا) ⊙1
[P7.2017.41] 08/10/2017
An inspirational role model for Canadians everywhere
Anne Lagacé Dowson ⊙1
[P7.2017.40] 01/10/2017
For tenacity and commitment during these Interesting Times.
Filomena Tassi (Member of Parliament) ⊙1
[P7.2017.39] 24/09/2017
Filomena Tassi was the instigator of the Mass Mindfulness Meditation on Parliament Hill, on UN International Day of Peace in 2017.
Fadumo Dayib (Deeqo) ⊙1
[P7.2017.38] 17/09/2017
Daphne Sheldrick (Elephant Foster Mom: Dame Daphne Marjorie Sheldric) ⊙1
[P7.2017.37] 10/09/2017
For setting an example of dedication, and for commitment to the value of the natural world. Thank you.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ⊙1
[P7.2017.36] 03/09/2017
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shines a light on the need for diversity in all aspects of life and society. Hers is a voice which needs to be heard. I honour her for speaking out.
Katherine Johnson (Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson) ⊙3
[P7.2017.35] 27/08/2017
For showing that a career in STEM is for everyone who feels called to it
Temple Grandin (Dr. Temple Grandin) ⊙5
[P7.2017.34] 20/08/2017
For setting an example that challenges stereotypes and misinformation. For requiring people to reframe the convenient lies of generations past. Thank you, Professor.