Seanna Rock
Seanna Rock
England, United Kingdom
Sharing, Vegan, Social activist, Writer, Liberation, www.nomoneymoretime.blogspot
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Honors Received
Duncan Hamilton
[P7.2018.39] 30/09/2018
Seanna is a kick-arse, amazing human being. She's conscientious, kind, a powerhouse, and generally Amazing.
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.27] 08/07/2018
Thanks for your unremitting effort! X
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.23] 10/06/2018
For doing great work on the Outreach and SM team of the World Summit ;-).
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.20] 21/05/2018
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.18] 09/05/2018
If we had this girl's dedication and persistence ...
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.09] 04/03/2018
You go girl!
Philippe Mermod (Phil) ⊙4
[P7.2017.16] 18/04/2017
You are a great inspiration. Your blog posts are loving, honest, insightful, spirited, and devoid of blame. The struggle starts with ourselves and you are taking the challenge to the next level with great panache.
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.20] 15/05/2016
For always keeping it real and for all your help and support! Cheers!
Honors Awarded
Emma Laing ⊙1
[P7.2019.28] 16/07/2019
I want to honor Emma for showing me what friendship is, for giving me a home when I didn't have one, for making me a member of her family when there really weren't any vacancies, for teaching me patience, for encouraging me and for being exactly what the world needs right now. Thank you!
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.28] 19/07/2018
For so often being the voice of reason, for keeping me focused and for maintaining a wickedly British sense of humour at all times...I thank you!
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.26] 02/07/2018
For staying calm when I'm losing my cool, for making me question what I want for myself, for showing me patience and tolerance when I'm impatient and intolerant and for giving me confidence in what we're creating. Fuck! You're awesome!
tonny kregel ⊙5
[P7.2018.23] 15/06/2018
For putting up with my strops and for your unending enthusiasm and energy for all that we are doing at the World Summit...THANK YOU!
Lise Simard ⊙3
[P7.2018.21] 30/05/2018
For all that you have done to get the World Summit off the ground, for your incredibly hospitality during our time together here and for your continuing faith in what we're working towards...thank you so much!
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.20] 20/05/2018
For your unending support, treasured friendship, untiring dedication and for being my beacon in times of trouble...thank you! x
Troy Wiley ⊙7
[P7.2018.09] 09/03/2018
Thank you for everything you are doing to shift the paradigm and for everything you are doing to keep me focused, hopeful and motivated.
Tim Urban ⊙1
[P7.2016.43] 26/10/2016
I would like to honor Tim because his website, has helped me to understand so much about myself and others, it has also helped me to overcome procrastination and to motivate me to accomplish things that are important to me. So many thanks for this man!
Amber Galliers ⊙1
[P7.2016.20] 16/05/2016
For holding your head up and walking against the crowd when temptation to conform comes from every direction. For understanding why I have such high expectations of you and for doing more than any 21 year old should have to do to try and meet them. For being the reason that one day I can leave this life knowing I made a positive contribution to the future of humanity. Thank you for being more than I could have hoped for in a daughter. X
Rafi Allaouirdian ⊙9
[P7.2016.17] 27/04/2016
I'm thanking Rafi for making me feel empowered to start turning theory into practice with practical and simple solutions. His constant enthusiasm in spite of so many doubters inspires me daily. Thank you Rafi.
Jacque Fresco ⊙114
[P7.2016.14] 08/04/2016
To Jacque, For giving me, and so many others, hope for a brighter future, I can never thank you enough. Since I started speaking to my children about the Venus Project and the ways that we can all contribute towards building a society to be proud of, I have seen them smile without doubt, hope without ridicule and love without fear...just as they did when they were children. There is no price that can be placed on how that feels, which is sort of the point isn't it? Thank you again Jacque.
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.13] 29/03/2016
I'm honoring Colin for reigniting my passion and belief in the possibility of a positive future for humanity. His dedication to changing attitudes offers us all hope. Thank you Colin!

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