Joshua Haltom
Joshua Haltom
Tennessee, United States
Kabbalah, Family, Interdependence, Unity, Opulent health, Cbd
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Honors Received
Rebecca O'Dell (Becky) ⊙4
[P7.2020.27] 11/07/2020
Thank you for your help to obtain the Zohar book collection. I appreciate your efforts to make our world a far better place for us all! :-)
Honors Awarded
Rebecca O'Dell (Becky) ⊙4
[P7.2020.27] 11/07/2020
You have just requested the coupon for receiving a free Zohar set. I am so very happy to have assisted you with such. You will be amazed at the transformations you have opened up with this! Be well. =-)
Sarah McIver ⊙3
[P7.2019.26] 03/07/2019
Hi. Thanks for receiving the first draft of the power-point I had created for Sociology of Work in Contemporary Society. Here is a facebook link to what I think is the final presentation. It was only supposed to have been a 15 minute presentation, but there is so much research included in the notes for these 13 slides. All the best. Let me know what you think.

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