Robert Schram (Dogma Killer)
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer)
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Honors Received
Paul Lenda
[P7.2018.48] 05/12/2018
A virtuous and noble man that is dedicated to catalyzing a fundamental positive paradigm shift.
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.26] 06/07/2018
Keep up the good work!
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.26] 02/07/2018
For staying calm when I'm losing my cool, for making me question what I want for myself, for showing me patience and tolerance when I'm impatient and intolerant and for giving me confidence in what we're creating. Fuck! You're awesome!
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.11] 19/03/2018
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.03] 23/01/2018
This guy means business !
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.03] 22/01/2018
Thanks for the tip!
Thorsten Wiesmann ⊙2
[P7.2017.30] 28/07/2017
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2015.33] 17/08/2015
For your enormous effort, time and patience in bringing people together for a greater purpose. Also, for your wonderful friendship and hospitality towards myself and Luka on our travels. Thank you for all you do Robert! :)
Honors Awarded
Bruce Schuman ⊙1
[P7.2018.48] 02/12/2018
For the great weaving your doing Bruce, being an awesome initiator of Unifying and being humble to put whatever is needed in service to that! I love the way you manifest and make things visible so we all can see more clearly what it is all converging too. Thank you so much for that)). Best, Robert
Mike Upstone ⊙2
[P7.2018.41] 14/10/2018
For your highly conscious and professional level of operating and co-creating towards a better world for all <3.
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.23] 10/06/2018
For doing great work on the Outreach and SM team of the World Summit ;-).
Thorsten Wiesmann ⊙2
[P7.2018.07] 23/02/2018
For following your path on the quest towards a new and better model that will serve for the good of all, and your willingness and openness to experience and take an interest in all these different energies that are interconnected, making us aware of all potential dimensions). <3
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.06] 11/02/2018
For your courage and will to present and educate people on solutions and new models that will make the current model obsolete!
Troy Wiley ⊙7
[P7.2018.05] 04/02/2018
Thank you Troy for being the boldly one following the path towards enlightenment and stepping up, taking responsibility for the well-being of everyone here on this beautiful tiny planet, and the whole Universe <3
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.04] 02/02/2018
For being a hardcore changemaker all the way!
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.07] 20/02/2016
Thank you Colin, congratulations on the result of years hard work, and you believing in it, it would be awesome if this will result in more grounding for awareness to get to the new paradigm! Whatever will come out of it I decided to let my shares flow into United Earth funding and I hope we can connect it rightfully to the joined networking plans we all have. Great work my friend! <3 Robert
Yinka Lawal ⊙1
[P7.2015.31] 08/08/2015
Your doing a great job on the RBE Plan!

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