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Off grid, United Kingdom

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Honors Received
Ilija Prentovski ⊙3
[P7.2021.36] 05/09/2021
Colin R. Turner ⊙115
[P7.2021.35] 31/08/2021
Justin, your advice, support and enthusiasm have been more important to me than you know. Thanks for keeping me inspired to do more. Thanks for all the great contributions you've made to the Sharebay and HonorPay projects so far. Good luck in all your future projects and you know where I am if you need anything. Thanks a million.
Raimondas Lapinskas ⊙4
[P7.2020.22] 01/06/2020
to the best for the best!
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.18] 12/05/2018
Keep up your good work too!
Jane Richards ⊙2
[P7.2018.14] 13/04/2018
Ramona W. ⊙3
[P7.2017.29] 20/07/2017
Cathy Harris
[P7.2017.28] 12/07/2017
Thank you for helping an old, broken brained woman with joining Freewolder. Blessings~~Cathy
Colin R. Turner ⊙115
[P7.2017.27] 05/07/2017
For all your amazing help testing the new website! Thanks a million!
Erykah Sundance ⊙6
[P7.2017.27] 03/07/2017
Thanks for being active! Always quick to respond, support and contribute.
Raphi See
[P7.2017.27] 03/07/2017
For throwing in 500 Pianos and a 1337 helicopter on top as a fireworks of the free world!!! ;-) (and actually for testing the shit out of the new freeworlder platform)
Thom Comstock
[P7.2017.17] 24/04/2017
Honors Awarded
Colin R. Turner ⊙115
[P7.2022.22] 02/06/2022
Thank you for your help with my coding problem. You are amazingly skilled at this.
Iris Barratt ⊙2
[P7.2022.02] 15/01/2022
Travis Grant ⊙1
[P7.2021.43] 24/10/2021
The fact that you’re still keeping going and with the Auravana Project. Wishing you success with that and hope you are well friend.
Jacque Fresco ⊙115
[P7.2021.36] 11/09/2021
I miss your wisdom. A light gone from the world, but the work still continues through others you inspired and made a positive impact on. RIP.
Pat Ellis ⊙1
[P7.2021.35] 02/09/2021
For your mediumship service, to me, to others, and any healing you gave.
Alexandra Moore (Lex Morningstar) ⊙1
[P7.2021.33] 17/08/2021
For your excellent videos. I know we’re in challenging times right now but i hope you keep going and keep up the great work! 🙂
Jane Richards ⊙2
[P7.2021.23] 08/06/2021
Thank you for the tarot card readings. You are good at them, and the knowledge and advice you give is insightful and helpful.
Colin R. Turner ⊙115
[P7.2021.15] 15/04/2021
Great work on Sharebay! For being responsive to bugs that need fixing and any suggestions for improvement.
Tio Trom (tio) ⊙9
[P7.2019.50] 18/12/2019
Thank you for all you do, for all your educational content and for awakening minds.
Jane Richards ⊙2
[P7.2019.13] 31/03/2019
Michael Tellinger ⊙14
[P7.2019.07] 18/02/2019
Greta Thunberg ⊙27
[P7.2019.05] 03/02/2019
Colin R. Turner ⊙115
[P7.2018.39] 01/10/2018
Colin you do so much good work, i don't know how you do it! Awesome stuff man!
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.17] 03/05/2018
Great work charlotte on working with the world summit to help unify groups making the call for change and educating people with the RBE network. Your helping us come closer to the more compassionate world we really want to see. Keep it up! :)
Gabor Maté ⊙12
[P7.2017.28] 13/07/2017
For your work on helping people to understand human behavior and addiction.
Gene Roddenberry ⊙5
[P7.2017.26] 30/06/2017
Created an amazing and inspirational vision of the future. Star trek. To boldly go where no one has gone before!
Rafi Allaouirdian ⊙9
[P7.2017.22] 01/06/2017
Keep being inspiring.
Sam Stephens ⊙7
[P7.2017.20] 16/05/2017
David Attenborough ⊙18
[P7.2017.17] 24/04/2017
David your compassion for nature and wildlife is amazing. A legend.
Carl Sagan ⊙14
[P7.2017.16] 17/04/2017
If i could give you millions and millions of stars worth of honors i would. You made science look interesting and appealing to the mainstream. An inspiration to budding young scientists around the world. Thank you carl sagan.
José Mujica ⊙19
[P7.2017.15] 10/04/2017
Russell Brand ⊙20
[P7.2017.13] 27/03/2017
Thank you for your activism and helping to spread the word of the venus project.
Leonardo DiCaprio ⊙9
[P7.2017.07] 13/02/2017
Thank you leo for your awesome, engaging performances in movies and helping to bring awareness to environmental issues.
Elon Musk ⊙23
[P7.2017.06] 05/02/2017
Jacque Fresco ⊙115
[P7.2016.50] 14/12/2016
Thank you Jacque fresco for your tireless, inspirational and pioneering work regarding your positive vision of a resource based economy future of humanity with the venus project. I am blown away you made it to 100 years old!
Peter Joseph ⊙44
[P7.2016.49] 08/12/2016
Thank you for helping to open my eyes with your knowledge peter and your efforts towards helping humanity move towards a resource based economy way of thinking.

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