Frederick Malouf (buxb)
Frederick Malouf (buxb)
Sydney, Australia
Designing a new free no-cost no tax interest free currency to empower the world.
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LAST ACTIVE: 2 months ago
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Honors Received
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.40] 05/10/2016
For all your wonderful effort and talents towards creating a better world for us all! Thank you!
Honors Awarded
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2020.38] 21/09/2020
Wo ai ni!
Peter Dowson ⊙4
[P7.2020.37] 13/09/2020
For always being solid trustworthy friend. ;)
Francesco Santo ⊙1
[P7.2020.25] 21/06/2020
Continuing thanks for all your help getting me in touch with self again. Priceless. :)
Noam Chomsky ⊙24
[P7.2020.17] 26/04/2020
For reading this! ;)
Paul Forest ⊙2
[P7.2020.16] 19/04/2020
Kick the world's butt, buddy!
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2020.15] 12/04/2020
Modooooooooooo ...................
Rachel Carvalho ⊙1
[P7.2020.14] 06/04/2020
Thanks for the brilliance of understanding giving unconditionally. ;)
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2020.09] 02/03/2020
Wo ai ni, modo .... :)
Sam Krungesen (Pospi) ⊙1
[P7.2019.50] 15/12/2019
Thanks for being a big picture thinker who can see past preconceived ideas. :)
Cameron Gibbs ⊙1
[P7.2019.49] 08/12/2019
For being an educated guy who knows how to understand concepts and put out there ideas together.
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2019.43] 27/10/2019
Emee Dillon (Em) ⊙1
[P7.2019.27] 07/07/2019
Congratulations for finding 2 men in your life (I'm guessing the bub is a boy). :)
Mary Kennedy ⊙1
[P7.2019.22] 03/06/2019
Hey Mary, Thanks so much for being there, for remembering who I am, for always giving the best you can. :) Thank you so so so very very very much! :)))
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2018.50] 16/12/2018
mooooooooodoooooooooooooo ................
Peter Dowson ⊙4
[P7.2018.42] 21/10/2018
Thanks for the coffee, man. And the ideas ... :)
Michel Bauwens ⊙3
[P7.2018.36] 09/09/2018
For being authentic and hot letting the ego of leadership get in the way of progression. And he called me a Randian! Kudos! :)
Frances Legg-Bagg ⊙1
[P7.2018.32] 15/08/2018
Thank you so much for yours and Rob's kindness and hospitality that changed how the weekend would have gone, if at all. It's a pleasure connecting with you both. :) And a link to the final shoot is here: :)
Dimitri Douchin, PhD ⊙1
[P7.2018.30] 29/07/2018
Thanks for always following your empowerment. :)
Alicia Dudek ⊙1
[P7.2018.06] 11/02/2018
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2018.01] 07/01/2018
Wo ai ni .......................................... :))))
Rick Ward (Rock) ⊙1
[P7.2017.45] 06/11/2017
Hey Rick, A little thanks for how you are approaching looking after me for such a small detail for my bike, which I did my best to look after and still dropped it regardless of my care. Your professionalism and communication is rare in this day and age. Your remembering to civil and communicative always makes it an honour to deal with you. Thank you again for your care and kindness.
Josie Thompson ⊙1
[P7.2017.44] 29/10/2017
Hey Josie, I cannot thank you enough for the support you gave me while staying at my home. It make my life so much easier and get over my physical, and emotional, limitations, without judgement. So classy. So different from others who want to take credit for what you offered, and talk up their own gifts, which only shows their flaws. It's a pleasure to meet you. Priceless people are rare. Thank you for being there for me. :))
Amaury Cadet de Fontenay ⊙1
[P7.2017.43] 22/10/2017
Man, I do not know a better way to thank you. Without your help and sensitivity to my requests knowing I cannot do it on my own, and supporting me emotionally to not be alone during this accident. But you show your class with my knowing you are not doing this as an exception, but expressing your true nature as a human being. It is not the things you help me with that I remember, but how you attach your class to them. It makes all the difference. I cannot thank you enough. You give me joy in a dark time and give me a chance to live like everyone else, not marginalised, which it seems that however many people in Bondi think they do this, they do not put it into practice. Talk and no action. Your friendship is a honour. Thank you. :)
Peter Dowson ⊙4
[P7.2017.41] 08/10/2017
I love you, man. Thank you for your time and conversation! :))
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2017.37] 10/09/2017
Wo ai ni, modo!!!! :) You are always special! :) .................................................
Casey Davidson ⊙1
[P7.2017.36] 03/09/2017
Thanks so much for looking after me in Brisbane! You rock!! :))
Ahmandla Williams ⊙1
[P7.2017.35] 27/08/2017
Nick Roditis ⊙1
[P7.2017.31] 30/07/2017
Yanru Zhou (Ruby) ⊙2
[P7.2017.18] 30/04/2017
Hold on tightly. Let go lightly. :)
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2017.12] 20/03/2017
Wo ai ni modooooooooooooooooo....................
Yanru Zhou (Ruby) ⊙2
[P7.2017.11] 12/03/2017
Love your deep aesthetic of being... :)
Jan Rajnoch ⊙1
[P7.2017.06] 05/02/2017
Thanks for always being authentic, man. It's an honour to know you. Peace.
Di Liu (Addy) ⊙9
[P7.2017.04] 22/01/2017
You are awesome modo! :) Always so authentic and honest. Thank you for always being there for me. :)
Elon Musk ⊙21
[P7.2017.03] 15/01/2017
Great work as always, man! :) Theqse.
Peter Dowson ⊙4
[P7.2016.45] 06/11/2016
Thanks for always being so supportive, man. So many things I could not do without you. :)
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.40] 06/10/2016
For knowing that gifting is not a competitive game. Thanks for your awesome work, man! Now why do I all of a sudden want to get more Honor? :) I love it! :) Great idea!

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