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Michael Moore
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Ely Abart (EL Yves)
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Ely Abart (EL Yves)
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Ely Abart (EL Yves)
[P7.2017.09] 27/02/2017
For your great documentaries, since "Bowling for Columbine", "Fahrenheit 9/11", to "Where to invade next"...
Florian Becquereau
[P7.2016.17] 25/04/2016
Michael Moore's movies are what originally got me into questioning the system.
gary lopez-watts (gee)
[P7.2016.17] 25/04/2016
hey michael moore, i honor you because yours was the only name i could recognize on the list sent me by honor pay. i am infinitely excited, and correspondingly eager, to begin the development of our eternal paradise, or your and my shared goal. i urge you to visit either googleplus.com (preferred) or facebook.com, and check out my profile under "gary lopez-watts". i do like the films you have produced, most memorably, "supersize me" and "fahrenheit 451". i apologize if you did not produce either of those films, but trust you will understand. peace
Kristin Kumpf ⊙1
[P7.2016.13] 30/03/2016
Michael, thanks for your persistence in trying to nudge the American people toward sanity, and their own stated values. Even as a Canadian, I learned a lot from your most recent film, "Where to Invade Next." I was blown away by those prisons. I forget how influenced we are by our American neighbours, and it was very good for me to learn from other countries too. Many thank-yous. You bring me hope for our world.