Terry Sisson
Terry Sisson
Colorado, United States
Visionary, Inventor and Futurist
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Iris Barratt
[P7.2018.33] 24/08/2018
One of my passions is honoring other Visionary people! My definition of a visionary (based on my expereince) is: "One who is inspired and haunted by Humanitarian Ideals!" I trust you will love my listings, being a philosophic visionary! Big hugs and thanks for sharing freely!
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Jacque Fresco ⊙108
[P7.2016.13] 28/03/2016
Hi Jacque, Happy Birthday! I'm from Colorado and came to visit you in 2005 and due to your generosity I stayed in one of your wonderful dome homes. I just arrived back from Florida on Saturday and while there I thought about you and Roxanne. On my drive back to Colorado, I stopped in Louisiana at the oldest ancient mounds in America, called Poverty Point. Guess what, their communities were designed in the same circular pattern as in your design. Several years a Russian friend directed me to one of their oldest cities and it too had the same circular design with the community activities happening at its center. Jacque you are a great guy with great ideas. After reading your books, watching your videos and visiting you in person, your ideas are permanently embedded in my soul. I would love to visit you again, yet this time discuss how a team of us discovered a way for the world to implement your concepts. Have a very Happy Birthday! Terry Sisson 303-252-8888