Sarah McIver
Sarah McIver
Scotland, United Kingdom
Copywriter, Animal Lover, Empath, Introvert, Free World Hopeful, Anti-System
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Honors Received
Joshua Haltom ⊙1
[P7.2019.26] 03/07/2019
Hi. Thanks for receiving the first draft of the power-point I had created for Sociology of Work in Contemporary Society. Here is a facebook link to what I think is the final presentation. It was only supposed to have been a 15 minute presentation, but there is so much research included in the notes for these 13 slides. All the best. Let me know what you think.
Andy Andrew
[P7.2017.34] 21/08/2017
Enjoy the honor - it is for showing me this site and for not only believing a better future is possible, but actually contributing towards it x
Colin R. Turner ⊙98
[P7.2016.48] 01/12/2016
Thank you for all your amazing ideas and help with copy and editing. :)
Honors Awarded
David Attenborough ⊙15
[P7.2017.26] 27/06/2017
Your infectious wonder for the natural world inspired me from an early age... Thank you! :)
Colin R. Turner ⊙98
[P7.2016.43] 26/10/2016
Thanks for trying to break this horrible system to make the world a better place! :)
Jacque Fresco ⊙108
[P7.2016.12] 24/03/2016
For your tireless work on showing us there is a better way. We will get there one day thanks to your dedication and belief that things can be better. Happy Birthday!
Andy Andrew ⊙1
[P7.2016.09] 04/03/2016
For helping me get my business going, and for inspiring me to research and question everything. Thank you. :)