Jim Graywolf (Petruzzi)
Jim Graywolf (Petruzzi)
Pennsylvania, United States
Climate Change Emergency, Standing Rock Protectors, Water is Life
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Honors Received
Iris Barratt
[P7.2018.34] 26/08/2018
I honor your mission as a water protector! Can you see me bowing? I hope so! Blessings for all you are and do!
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.19] 13/05/2018
This guy never gives up. An inspiration to us all !
Charlotte Wenner ⊙3
[P7.2018.08] 25/02/2018
Honors Awarded
Charles Twodog ⊙1
[P7.2019.20] 20/05/2019
Chief Twodog is a visionary leader of the United Western Lenape Nation - the first Native American tribe to pass a climate emergency proclamation, which he signed.
Zel Whiting (Zelly Been) ⊙1
[P7.2019.13] 02/04/2019
Zelly is a young man working tirelessly to combat the imminent global destruction of climate change. He works with other young people in this effort in a way of uniting forces all should take notice of. Whatever aide and assistance people can give to Zelly and his peers is something that will help them lead the fight to make the world a healthier, saner place for generations.
Greta Thunberg ⊙23
[P7.2019.11] 17/03/2019
As we older people still fumble and stumble over the disaster of climate change, Greta has picked up the ball with the enthuiasm of youth and invited all the young to demand action with her. As we 'white hairs' carried the action against war and for peace in days past, this young woman carries the banner of giving our planet room to heal and our species the ability to survive. Giving us the right to survive through critical changes we need to make. I support and honor her - and all in the Climate Strike movement - and hope all others will as well. One Mother, one tribe.

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