Charlotte Wenner
Charlotte Wenner
Huis ter Heide, UT, Netherlands
Moving Forward - RBE Learning Network chairperson/organizer/educator; Astrological counselor, writer, lecturer, teacher; English teacher
JOINED: 3 years ago

LAST ACTIVE: 2 years ago

All is One, One is All
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Honors Received
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.20] 20/05/2018
For your unending support, treasured friendship, untiring dedication and for being my beacon in times of trouble...thank you! x
Justin Richards ⊙11
[P7.2018.17] 03/05/2018
Great work charlotte on working with the world summit to help unify groups making the call for change and educating people with the RBE network. Your helping us come closer to the more compassionate world we really want to see. Keep it up! :)
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.06] 11/02/2018
For your courage and will to present and educate people on solutions and new models that will make the current model obsolete!
Honors Awarded
Greta Thunberg ⊙23
[P7.2019.39] 29/09/2019
Erykah Sundance ⊙6
[P7.2019.24] 16/06/2019
Greta Thunberg ⊙23
[P7.2019.05] 04/02/2019
I admire the way you are galvanizing youth to speak up.
Troy Wiley ⊙7
[P7.2019.03] 21/01/2019
Keep up the good work Troy!
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2018.44] 04/11/2018
Thanks for all your wonderful work!
Erykah Sundance ⊙6
[P7.2018.37] 18/09/2018
You do such wonderful work and are untiring! Much love
Richard Osmaston ⊙7
[P7.2018.33] 20/08/2018
Troy Wiley ⊙7
[P7.2018.31] 10/08/2018
For your untiring work for the World!
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.27] 08/07/2018
Thanks for your unremitting effort! X
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.26] 06/07/2018
Keep up the good work!
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.20] 21/05/2018
Justin Richards ⊙11
[P7.2018.18] 12/05/2018
Keep up your good work too!
Bernie Sanders ⊙26
[P7.2018.17] 29/04/2018
Thanks for fighting the fight.
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2018.16] 22/04/2018
Franky Müller ⊙5
[P7.2018.14] 08/04/2018
Thanks for organizing a great day!
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2018.12] 26/03/2018
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.11] 19/03/2018
tonny kregel ⊙5
[P7.2018.10] 12/03/2018
Seanna Rock ⊙8
[P7.2018.09] 04/03/2018
You go girl!
Jim Graywolf (Petruzzi) ⊙3
[P7.2018.08] 25/02/2018
Troy Wiley ⊙7
[P7.2018.07] 18/02/2018
Thanks for getting us started, Troy!
Scott Andrew ⊙2
[P7.2018.06] 12/02/2018
Peter Joseph ⊙39
[P7.2018.04] 31/01/2018
Robert Schram (Dogma Killer) ⊙8
[P7.2018.03] 22/01/2018
Thanks for the tip!

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