Brick de Bois
Brick de Bois
Antwerp, Belgium
singer-songwriter, teacher, permaculturist, homesteader, writer, friend, humour, helper, listener, healer
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LAST ACTIVE: 5 years ago
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Honors Received
Cy Leong ⊙1
[P7.2016.08] 26/02/2016
for being the most beautiful, giving, inspiring, loving soul for so many people, including me. Thank you brother! Love, Cy.
Honors Awarded
Charles Eisenstein ⊙9
[P7.2016.17] 28/04/2016
I am honoring Charles, for who he is. For his enriching views on the world, the love and insight that he spreads, all the time being modest and ready to consider his own process while inspiring so many people to strive for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Colin R. Turner ⊙106
[P7.2016.09] 01/03/2016
Hi Colin, Thank you for setting up the Free World Charter, for giving me the chance to Honor you and those that will follow. I hope you will continue to help making the world look more and more like the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
Cy Leong ⊙1
[P7.2016.08] 26/02/2016
There is no one in the world I would rather honor first. Love, Brick

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