Chelsea Manning (Bradley)
Chelsea Manning (Bradley)
United States
Whistle Blower, Patriot, Martyr
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CREATED BY: Jamie Edmonds (kmg-365)
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Honors Received
Benjamin Hummel (Ben|Singarix)
[P7.2020.31] 03/08/2020
We need more courageous people like her.
Aaron Webb (A.J.)
[P7.2018.12] 25/03/2018
Hello I'm Aaron and I hope all is well with you and your loved ones... courage and morals are rarities in the society we sadly find ourselves in... I'd love the chance to speak with you. My Facebook page is Aaron AJ Webb if you would give me the time to talk at some point... thanks for your time and consideration. Sincerely Aaron J Webb...
Cruz Hernandez (Elindio)
[P7.2018.01] 07/01/2018
Thanks for your courage to hold the light and share it!
Kathleen Temple
[P7.2017.43] 22/10/2017
You are a wonderful gift to our country, Chelsea!
Ilija Prentovski ⊙2
[P7.2017.40] 01/10/2017
Florian Becquereau
[P7.2017.39] 24/09/2017
Milissa Woods
[P7.2017.37] 10/09/2017
Kathleen Temple
[P7.2017.37] 10/09/2017
Thank you, Chelsea, for releasing information that American people and other people need to know. You are one of the "faithful witnesses". I am sorry your courageous acts were punished. You should have been thanked and celebrated by ALL, all along.
Ely Abart (EL Yves)
[P7.2017.28] 09/07/2017
Ely Abart (EL Yves)
[P7.2017.24] 12/06/2017
Jamie Edmonds (kmg-365)
[P7.2017.20] 18/05/2017
Incredible courage to open the door to expose the filthy underbelly of the US Empire . . . and pay a dear price for doing so.